In data entry program you will get the scan copies in PDF format and you just have to convert it into Word format you will get 100 copies in a week . charges are 20 Rupees per page with 90% accuracy. 


Typing Speed:

There is no specific typing speed required for our data entry projects. The average time required for each of the plans has been calculated by taking a typing speed of 20 Words per  Minute (WPM). The higher is the typing speed, the lesser time it takes to complete the project.



10% errors in a page are permitted. The pages which contain more than 90% errors are not eligible for any payment. Errors are counted only for spelling mistakes and punctuation errors like coma, hyphen, etc. No errors are counted for space, alignment, word position, etc.



You will get data entry plan along with the kit,  when you log in you will get the option to choose within. you can choose data entry option from there.

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